Slow Day Radio - Episode 8: DOOMFIST arrives, PUBG updates & video game roommates!

July 10, 2017

Welcome to episode 8 (a special LIVE edition) of Slow Day Radio! This week's feature was recorded in-store at Grubby's Games in Wellsboro during the town's First Friday event and includes interviews with customers!

Today, on The Patch Notes (gaming news)

- Sony makes a surprising announcement about an upcoming partnership

- DOOMFIST punches into Overwatch PTR

- Playerunknown releases update on roadmap to the game's future

This week’s 5-Minute-Review game is the 2015 Star Wars Battlefront, by DICE and EA Games. This online multiplayer shooter (and successor to the earlier series released on Xbox, PS2 and PC) is a lackluster addition to the collection and, frankly, a major disappointment to Star Wars fans and gamers alike.

The Main Quest - our weekly discussion and main topic - explores a very serious topic this week: if we got to pick any video game character as our college roommate for the next 4 years, who would we choose? Who would YOU choose? We'd love to know! Leave a comment on our Facebook page or tweet us!

This week's Community Shout-Out:

- Johnny'z Hot Rod Cafe in Wellsboro, PA (for some of the best food in town, and great service!)

- All of our listeners, Grubby's Games customers, and anyone who stopped in during First Friday!

As always, we love hearing from you! Be sure to like & comment on or tweet us @SlowDayRadio!


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