Slow Day Radio - Episode 5: Arrested for Pokemon Go, Overwatch 1-Year Anniversary, Best & Worst Gaming Movies

June 6, 2017

Welcome to episode 5 of Slow Day Radio!

Today, on The Patch Notes (gaming news)

- Need for Speed Payback announced

- Nintendo Switch online details released

- Square Enix announces new RPG

- Man arrested in Russia for playing Pokemon Go in church

- Star Wars Battlefront 2 gameplay to be shown at E3

This week’s 5-Minute-Review game is Overwatch - in honor of its 1-year anniversary! We share our favorite characters and roles - what are yours?

The Main Quest adventures into the world of cinema. There have been many movies based off of video games over the past few decades...but sadly, most of them are "okay" at best. At least, in our opinions. Critically, few (if any) have received praise. But why? Today, the crew shares some of their dream director/video game combos. Share yours with us on Facebook or Twitter!

Finally, in our Community Shout-Out:

- We'd like to introduce Joe B and his gaming YouTube channel: gamergrad81

- Our dinner before the podcast was provided by Johnny'z Hot Rod Cafe in Wellsboro, PA

- Oreo. Please send us cookies!

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