Slow Day Radio - Episode 4: New Xbox Service, Empyrion Review, State of the Industry

May 30, 2017

Welcome to Episode 4 of Slow Day Radio.

Today, on The Patch Notes (gaming news)

- Xbox to launch new game service

- Titanfall 2 DLC incoming

- Red Dead Redemption Delayed

- Call of Duty WW2 unexpected news

This week’s 5-Minute-Review game is Empyrion, an early access PC game on Steam.

As we embark on The Main Quest, this week we discuss the state of the video game industry. What games have and haven't met expectations within the past 3 years? Fallout 4? No Man's Sky? Mass Effect: Andromeda? Breath of the Wild? Is there anything new left to explore in gaming? Why does it seem like there's a lack of creativity in the console market?

Finally, in our Community Shout-Out:

- Overwatch & Blizzard (plenty of references made today!)

- William Waltz (Thanks for commenting on our last episode, William!)

- On steam greenlight: Remnants of Naezith game

- As always, Nabisco. Please send Oreos.

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