Slow Day Radio - Episode 3: A.I. to Fight Cyberbullies, Destiny 2 details, & Video Game Trivia

May 22, 2017

Welcome to Episode 3 of Slow Day Radio, featuring Justin, Andrew, Sara, Brad and special guest, Tyler Burgett.

Today, on The Patch Notes (gaming news)

- Articifial intelligence to combat cyberbullying in games

- Jim Henson's The Dark Crystal spinoff series coming to Netflix

- Life Is Strange 2 announcement

- The Witcher game/books being adapted to Netflix show series (Parental Advisory: The Witcher series is intended for mature audiences.)

- Destiny 2 gameplay and details grand reveal

- Analysis of eSports viewing habits unexpected results

This week’s 5-Minute-Review game is Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic for PC and Xbox. (This game is also now available on Apple iOS too!)

The Main Quest finds the crew battling for correct answers in Video Game Sounds & Music Trivia! Feel free to join in and guess each gaming sound.

Finally, in our Community Shout-Out:

- Games Done Quick (charity)

- Great Big Story YouTube Channel (specifically their video about empathy games)

As always, we love hearing from you! Be sure to like & comment on or tweet us @SlowDayRadio!

(Note to parents: some of the games mentioned in today’s podcast carry a mature rating and are not suitable for children. Always be sure to check a game’s content rating before purchasing for yourself or a child!)


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