Slow Day Radio - Episode 12: Gaming News, Fortnite Review, Retro Game Faves

August 9, 2017

Welcome to episode 12 of Slow Day Radio!

Today, on The Patch Notes (gaming news)

- StarCraft to be remastered

- Horizon Zero Dawn DLC launch date announced

- Possible Spyro remaster in the future

- The USA will be playing in the Overwatch World Cup this weekend

This week’s 5-Minute-Review game is the early-access game, Fortnite, by Epic Games. This mission-based co-op survival third-person shooter is the latest addition to the Epic Games lineup. Currently in early access, the game has a lot to offer and is well optimized. The gameplay features missions in open world maps where players collect resources and complete objectives to build a base and protect themselves (and usually a target) from monster attacks. The gameplay is pretty fun and varied amongst the different hero classes, however, the missions feel pretty repetetive in the early game. The loot crate system present in the game can hold some players back behind a paywall (or extremely heavy grind) that is somewhat disheartening.

This week's Main Quest takes a trip back in time to the 8-bit and 16-bit era as we discuss our favorite retro games. Let us know your favorites on Facebook or Twitter!

In our Community Shout-Out this week:

- Johnny'z Hot Rod Cafe in Wellsboro, PA.

- Natural Selection 2 PC game

- YouTuber Olan Roger's new animated YouTube series, The Lion's Blaze.

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