Slow Day Radio - Episode 11: PUBG Ban Reform, Dark & Light Review, eSports News and Discussions

July 31, 2017

Welcome to episode 11 of Slow Day Radio!

Today, on The Patch Notes (gaming news)

- Overwatch forms 7 pro teams for new league

- PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds seeing ban reforms

- DOTA 2 makes changes to accomodate new players

- BBC to air eSports on BBC3 channel

This week’s 5-Minute-Review game is the early-access PC game, Dark and Light, by Snail. Originally launched in 2006 as an MMORPG by NPCube, Dark and Light saw mostly negative reviews. Years later the license was picked up by Snail and is now developed into a fantasy survival sandbox RPG. The game hits most of the marks of a survival game, with thirst, hunger and other meters to maintain to fulfill your character's needs. The ability to craft many objects and structures is also present. A relatively unique spell-casting system for magic users exists. However, the game is very poorly optimized (even for an early access game) and is graphically underwhelming - especially compared to the promotional materials and "gameplay trailers." Dark and Light has the makings and potential for something incredible in the future, but in its current state, it's difficult to justify the somewhat hefty $30.00 price tag.

It's all fun and games in this week's Main Quest, but on a professional level. The eSports has grown exponentially in the past couple years and there are exciting changes and additions coming soon. Blizzard recently announced the introduction of The Overewatch League and released information regarding professional Overwatch league player salaries. What does the future hold for this new entertainment industry? Enjoy Part 1 of our discussion!

In our Community Shout-Out this week:


- Overwatch University subreddit (tips and tricks for Overwatch players)

- YouTuber Olan Roger's new tv show coming to TBS, Final Space

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