Slow Day Radio - Episode 10: Galaga tv show, RuneScape mobile, gaming psychology, Ready Player One!

July 23, 2017

Welcome to episode 10 of Slow Day Radio!

Today, on The Patch Notes (gaming news)

- Retro arcade game Galaga may see an tv show adaptation

- PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds greater character customization incoming

- Oldschool and new RuneScape coming to mobile

This week’s 5-Minute-Review game is the early-access PC game, Battlerite (also coming to Xbox One). Developed by Stunlock Studios, Battlerite is something of a spiritual successor to their previous game, Bloodline Champions. As a team-based, top-down shooter/arena brawler, Battlerite has many familiar traits to two currently popular genres, MOBAs and hero shooters. The game pits 3v3, 2v2, or 1v1 players against each other in an arena fighting with a champion from a roster of 21 characters. Each champion fills a role in a particular class, including melee, range, and support. The object of the main game mode is to eliminate enemy players through battle, using each of the champions unique, defining abilities. In early access the game is fairly polished and offers a decent level of content, but it will require further balance changes, some additional content, and a strong player base for it to really take off. However, we see great potential.

This week's Main Quest ventures into the human mind. How does gaming affect us and the way we think and react? What does psychology say about video games. Are they a waste of time? Do video games cause violent behavior? What benefits can be found from playing? Join us for part 1 of our gaming psychology session!

In our Community Shout-Out this week:

- Pacific Rim 2 teaser

- Ready Player One teaser

- Bright, a Netflix film

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